The Benefits & Wellness section has added a range of additional tiles to help employees make the most of their health plans.
Ovia gives you tools to feel empowered and successful, like one-on-one health coaching spanning the full spectrum of parental and family mental health
Employees enrolled in CU’s health plans can expect changes including rate increases, expanded mental health services, fertility treatment and more.
PERA-eligible CU employees will see an increase in employee and employer contributions this July.
University of Colorado faculty and staff are limited in how much leave they can carry over form one fiscal year to the next.
Leeds Business School dean honored and Lecturer Kimberly Muller thinks big about innovation
Review policy guidelines and campus deadlines for summer sessions then apply for Tuition Assistance by your campus deadline.
CU Health Plan provides options for University of Colorado out-of-state faculty, staff and dependents
All medical plans offered by CU will increase their mental health coverage in the new plan year.
Don’t overlook the health plan vendor fair and virtual information sessions.