Save on summer classes for you or your dependents with this employee benefit
Submit your Tuition Assistance application before the Feb. 3 deadline.
Employee Services is now accepting Tuition Assistance applications for spring 2020
Application deadlines for the Tuition Assistance Benefit are approaching.
CU helps qualified employees save on tuition costs with the Tuition Assistance Benefit. Submit an application in the employee portal before your campus deadline.
Tuition can be expensive. Submit your Tuition Assistance Benefit application by your campus deadlines and save money.
Save yourself time and money: Remember upcoming deadlines and tasks for spring 2018 semester.
Employee Services is now accepting Tuition Waiver Benefit Forms for Spring 2018.
Want to save on CU tuition this academic year? The deadline to apply for the Tuition Benefit approaching on all CU campuses. The new online form makes it faster than ever.
The Intercampus Dependent Tuition Waiver Pilot Program debuts in Fall 2017. It lets your dependent use CU's tuition waiver at any CU campus, saving more than $2,400 per year. See how to take advantage of this benefit.