An HSA allows employees to save — and keep — pretax money to spend on health care expenses. CU Health Plan – High Deductible participants can update or enroll in an HSA during the 2024 HSA Open Enrollment period.
Employees enrolled in an Anthem-administered CU Health Plan can have their long-term prescriptions mailed to them in 90-day supplies.
Anthem plan members now need to fill maintenance and specialty prescriptions through specific CVS pharmacy channels.
CU Health Plans enrollees can expect changes including significant pharmacy changes, expanded fertility treatment and more.
The CU Advantage catalogs key features of CU’s health plans — such as no-cost preventative care, adult orthodontics and mental health coverage — alongside high-level information on your plan options.
Benefits-eligible employees can plan for this year’s Open Enrollment by reviewing all of CU’s health plan options through the Basics of CU Health Plans on-demand course.
Starting with the 2022-23 plan year, enrollees in any of CU’s health plans can have one initial mental health visit covered per plan year.
Starting July 1, faculty and staff enrolled in the University of Colorado’s Anthem health plans can seek certain fertility treatments through WINFertility.
All medical plans offered by CU will increase their mental health coverage in the new plan year.
Benefits-eligible faculty and staff have some new health plan features to look forward to in the new plan year.