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The Office of the Vice President for Budget and Finance and Chief Financial Officer manages budget policy and planning, and ensures that the university is an effective steward of financial resources. Staff works with the President, Board of Regents and campus leadership to direct university funds toward programs and initiatives that best promote CU's mission.  The office works with policy makers, stakeholders and the general public to communicate the opportunities and challenges the university incorporates into its fiscal planning.

Video: How Does CU's Budget Work (FY 2023-24)

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Affordability & Student Financial Aid  Even in times of uncertainty, a college education continues to be an investment worth making. On average, people with bachelor’s degrees earn $1.5 million dollars more over their working lives, experience lower unemployment and are healthier than those who do not graduate from college. Visit the following web page that outlines CU’s commitment to affordability, including how we keep tuition in check, continue to fund student aid, reduce out-of-pocket costs, and other factors that affect your investment in your future.  Go to cu.edu/affordability
CU System Cost of Education EstimatorThis tool can give you an idea of the average cost of college on each CU campus. You can also see the impact of transfer credits, living at home and reducing your personal expenses. Actual costs will be different and each campus has a Net Price Calculator on their website that will provide you with a more precise price estimate.  Go to costestimator.cu.edu
CU Data Made Simple University of Colorado System data for all campuses summarizing student enrollment and outcome measures, faculty and staff, budget and finance, capital assets, and sponsored research.

Business Units

The Office of the Vice President for Budget and Finance includes four primary units: Budget and Finance Office, Business Office, University Controller, and the University Treasurer.

Budget and

This office assists the Board of Regents, executive management team, and the university community in attaining their goals by compiling and sharing information for planning, budgeting, and management. 


This office provides leadership in financial recording, reporting, policy guidance, and communication. The University Controller, by delegation from the CU President, has authority over and responsibility for the fiscal practices of the University.


This office actively stewards and manages the financial resources of the University on behalf of the CU Board of Regents and support of the faculty, staff, and students of the university.


Business Operations provides important financial and service functions to all areas of the university.  Centrally housing the expertise for accounting, procurement, and risk management helps lower the university's administrative costs.


For information on the Board of Regents Budget & Finance Committee, organizational chart, and contact information for the Budget & Finance staff.