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The President’s Teaching Scholars are a group of women and men who exemplify a zeal for teaching and learning, a passion for their discipline, high regard for their students, an altruistic attitude towards students and colleagues, full respect for diversity in teaching styles and learning communities, an interest in assessing the effects of classroom teaching, and a desire to promote civil discourse both inside and outside the classroom.


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: A SoTL Primer

How many times did you introduce SoTL to someone new in the last year, and what did that introduction look like: a definition, a description, a metaphor, a citation, a workshop, a book, a website?

I dream of a SoTL primer, a little anthology of key readings that would together provide some coverage, depth, and range of the field. I imagine a simple cover, a size that fits comfortably in my hands and lightly in my bookbag, lovingly worn pages with dog-eared corners and post-it notes throughout, and oh that book smell.


President's Call for Nominations 2022 - The deadline for applications is Friday, September 17, 2021, by midnight.

Prresident Mark Kennedy is soliciting nominations from tenured University of Colorado faculty for the 2022 President’s Teaching Scholars Program (PTSP). Lifetime appointment as a CU President’s Teaching Scholar constitutes the university’s recognition of excellence in, and active commitment to, learning, scholarly teaching and research and creative work.


Timmerhaus Teaching & Learning Ambassador Award

The Timmerhaus Teaching & Learning Ambassador Award honors the memory of Professor Klaus Timmerhaus, a member of the faculty of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder from 1953 until his retirement in 1995. Professor Timmerhaus received many honors, including being named to the National Academy of Engineering and being selected to the first group of President’s Teaching Scholars at the University.


Consider becoming a donor to the President's Teaching Scholars Program. We want to continue the program's very fine work representing and promoting innovation in student learning. The President's Teaching Scholars and their faculty peers help learning and teaching to prosper on each campus.