Learn how to process financial transactions, run financial reports, and otherwise fulfill your fiscal responsibilities. 

For a list of training requirements and access request forms, please visit the Access & Training Requirements guide.

Finance System

Learn how to process financial transactions and look up information in the Finance System.

Finance System Learning Resources


m-Fin Reports in CU-Data

Learn how to run reports and see information about the various m-Fin reports in CU-Data.

m-Fin Learning Resources



Learn how to view your ePER online; make changes in effort reported; and certify effort on sponsored projects.

ePers Learning Resources


Fiscal Certification

Learn how to annually certify your financial accountability and responsibility if you are an Officer, Principal or Manager in a Fiscal Role.

Fiscal Certification Learning Resources


Payment Resource Center

Learn how to look up payment status for invoices, reimbursements, and study subjects -- using CU Marketplace, the Finance System, Concur, and CU-Data.

Payment Resource Center


CU Marketplace and Concur Travel & Expense

Learn how to purchase and pay for goods and services and how to travel and process travel reimbursements. For online courses, see Finance & Procurement System Access, above.

Procurement Learning Resources


Office of University Controller (OUC) Training Requests