Fiscal Certification & Assessment (mandatory for designated individuals)

Annually, the University of Colorado is required to certify the accuracy and completeness of its financial statements and the effectiveness and sufficiency of its internal control structure. Officers and certain other employees share responsibility for the University's financial management and for these institutional certifications. In particular, individuals who have a significant level of fiscal authority may be asked to complete an annual, mandatory fiscal assessment. This includes Principal Investigators (PIs) heading up projects or programs with combined expenses or budget of $2 million or more for the fiscal year under review.

To begin, log in to your campus portal. Select NavBar , CU Resources, Business Tools, Fiscal Cert & Assessment. The NavBar icon looks like a compass.

The following resources provide training on how to complete the mandatory process.

Voluntary Fiscal Assessment

A separate, voluntary version of the fiscal assessment is available to all employees on a year-round basis. Completion of the voluntary assessment does not fulfill the obligation of those individuals who are designated to participate in the annual mandatory assessment.  

To begin, log in to your campus portal. Select NavBar , CU Resources, Business Tools, Voluntary Fiscal Assessment. The NavBar icon looks like a compass.