Finance System Structure

In the Finance System, blocks of information called ChartFields are joined together in various combinations to identify where to record a transaction.

Account Information

The Account ChartField describes the activity that is being done by identifying the natural classification of the transaction: Asset, Liability, Fund Balance/Net Position, Revenue, Expense, or Transfer.

Fund Information

The Fund ChartField identifies the source of the money being received and spent.

Organization (Org) Information

The Org ChartField identifies the entity (campus, school, department, etc.) receiving or spending the funds. 

Program/Project Information

The Program ChartField tracks the financial impact of a distinct activity within an Org during a budget (fiscal) year.

The Project ChartField tracks the financial impact of a specific sponsored activity within the University and is based upon the period of the project (not the fiscal year).

SpeedType Information

The SpeedType is an 8-digit shortcut for a FOPPS (Fund+Org+Program or Project+optional Subclass) ChartField combination. The first digit of a SpeedType represents the campus, the second and third digits represent the Fund, and the remaining five digits of the SpeedType are randomly assigned.