We have added the PROJ START DATE column to the m-Fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER report.
We have made the following updates to the m-Fin PERSONNEL ROSTER AND DEPARTMENTAL BUDGET report.
We have made a few enhancements to the m-Fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER report.
We have added Project Principal ID to the following m-Fin reports:
The Liabilities column in the m-Fin award report was not populating as applicable.
Are you looking for a budget entry or transaction that was recently processed?
The DPR-ERR-2107 Cognos error happens when you try to launch multiple instances of CU-Data in the same web browser.
We have added monthly percent columns to the last two pages of the report.
We have fixed an issue with m-fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER
We have updated the Single Speedtype prompt on m-Fin reports to accept alpha-numeric values.