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Enhancements to m-Fin BAE BY MONTH report.

We have made the following changes to the m-Fin BAE BY MONTH – SUMMARY report:

  • Report now includes the monthly columns when run clearing the FY, PERIOD and EFFECTIVE DATE prompts. This enhancement was made so that the report can be scheduled to run on FINCLOSE.
  • Fixed the error that would occur when opting for the AVAILABLE BALANCE SUMMARY SECTION with FY and PERIOD cleared.
  • Improved layout of SINGLE SPEEDTYPE mode prompts; the prompts are now clearly labeled on the report page.
  • Added optional SAL, WAGES AND BEN SECTION on the report controlled by a prompt available on the second prompt page of the report.
  • Added ACCOUNT SUMMARY AND SUBTOTALING prompt to the report. This prompt allows users to select the level of detail and subtotals they prefer to see in the report.

This is available to you now in the CU-Data QA system. If no problems are found, it will migrate to production in a few days. [now in production]



Nice.  I think there will be a number of m-FIn users that will be excited about these enhancements.

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