While the CIW GL data it uses has not yet refreshed today, the CU Cognos production system is available via the “Reporting System” link in the third column at
Broken Report View?
CU is on Cognos 10 now.
Monday April 25, 2011 CU will be running Cognos 10.
The speed-improved m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL report is now in production.
The report in the Cognos Finance folder named Trial Balance will not be brought into Cognos 10 next week.
Running m-Fin reports in production over the weekend to make sure m-Fin 1.5 arrived intact, I noticed that the new m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL is slower than the previous version.
New versions of the initial seven m-Fin reports, plus one new report, are migrating to CU’s production Cognos environment today.
An important new feature introduced with this report is support for OrgNodes.