You might say the same thing about m-Fin reports once you’ve tried the Next button.
New versions of most of the m-Fin reports have been migrated into Cognos QA.
Leaders at UCDHSC no longer support the show-one-number concept of the m-Fin SIMPLE SPEEDTYPE QUERY, what we have been calling the SSQ AVAILABLE BALANCE.
If you often run the same report for the same set of prompt values, such as a certain list of speedtypes, you can save the values as a preset that Cognos calls a report view.
New versions of the 7 m-Fin reports have been migrated into Cognos QA.
Follow these instructions if you would like m-Fin Blog posts to show up in your MSOutlook e-mail inbox.
If you want to go back after running a drill report, click the Previous report button.
All seven of the initial m-Fin reports can output to MSExcel but only two can output csv.