We have updated the Single Speedtype prompt on m-Fin reports to accept alpha-numeric values.
We have a new project report ready for you to try in CU-Data QA.
We have made enhancements to the m-Fin PROJECT ONE-LINER report.
We have added a new prompt page on the m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL II report. This new version of the report is available to you now for testing in the QA environment.
We have updated the m-Fin PROJECT FINANCIAL STATUS report to include the prorated budget shape on its classic chart.
We have renamed this report to m-Fin RESOURCE DEFICIT & ABNORMAL BALANCE.
Do you like m-Fin BAE BY MONTH - SUMMARY report? Want something similar that is specifically for projects?
We have made the following changes to the m-Fin BAE BY MONTH – SUMMARY report:
We have added Fund 33, Other Contractual Services, as an option to the FUND prompt on the following four m-Fin project related reports.
All three reports below get UNP designation code and description as an optional EXTRAS choice.