m-Fin PROJECT ONE-LINER gets visuals, subtotals, and more.
When a CU sponsored project spends over the maximum amount that can be billed from the sponsor, the expenditures are known as over-the-limit (OLT) transactions. There also can be revenue-over-the-limit (ROL) transactions, when revenue recognition is processed. Three m-Fin reports will show these dollars.
New versions of m-Fin COMPENSATION SUMMARY and m-Fin PAYROLL TRANSACTIONS support periods 996 and 997.
The available balance calculation is changing for the project cost-share funds 22, 32, and 70.
When your project has multiple subclass or activity id's, sometimes you don't want each speedtype on it's own page.
m-Fin COMPENSATION SUMMARY and m-Fin PAYROLL TRANSACTIONS have been set to report expenditures only. Please let us know if this is a welcome change.
m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY has had some work done.
m-Fin AWARD EXPENDITURES BY MONTH now has a project status filter for the award search.
Want a report that shows the budget, the whole budget, and nothing but the budget? Try the new m-Fin PERSONNEL ROSTER AND DEPARTMENTAL BUDGET report now available for testing in Cognos QA.
The single fund text box prompt in m-Fin PROJECT ONE-LINER is being replaced with a multi-pick list prompt.