m-Fin AWARD EXPENDITURES BY MONTH now has a project status filter for the award search.
Want a report that shows the budget, the whole budget, and nothing but the budget? Try the new m-Fin PERSONNEL ROSTER AND DEPARTMENTAL BUDGET report now available for testing in Cognos QA.
The single fund text box prompt in m-Fin PROJECT ONE-LINER is being replaced with a multi-pick list prompt.
There are two new developments in m-Fin to help with PET's (payroll expense transfers).
m-Fin project prompts are changing to accept CU's new project id's that have a letter in the third position.
m-Fin is changing to use the PeopleSoft project team PI designation.
We are removing the text string "HR PAYROLL JOURNAL TRANSACTION" from the m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL payroll detail lines.
The new m-Fin FISCAL ROLES is ready for testing.
All m-Fin reports are getting maintenance in order to accommodate the new structure for CU's financial data with PeopleSoft 9.2. You can test and compare to production for a few days.
With the new m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY that went into production about a month ago we inadvertantly lost the speedtype and fopps columns in the dataset output.