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A Classic Budget Report Now In m-Fin

Want a report that shows the budget, the whole budget, and nothing but the budget?  Try the new m-Fin PERSONNEL ROSTER AND DEPARTMENTAL BUDGET report now available for testing in Cognos QA.​  [29-MAR-2016 migrated to production.]

What is different about this new report

Budget shows up in many m-Fin reports.  Here is an explanation of how this new report is different.  m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURES SUMMARY and other basic financial status reports like it in m-Fin show the whole budget, but in summary.  They do not show individual positions.  m-Fin POSITION BUDGET and m-Fin POSITION BUDGET II do show individual positions but do not show the whole budget.  For example, these reports do not show revenue budget or operating expense budget.  In addition to budget, all of these reports also show actuals and some show encumbrances.

Our new report, m-Fin PERSONNEL ROSTER AND DEPARTMENTAL BUDGET, shows the whole budget, listing individual positions where they exist, and reports only budgets, no actuals or encumbrances.

What's old is new again

If you've been at CU a while you might recognize that this report isn't really new.  Yes it is new to m-Fin but something like it has been produced by CU in some form or another for decades.


Kathy Illian

Sorry - have looked all over QA and cannot find this report...which folder?

Carl Sorenson

Kathy - It is:
Public Folders ‎> CU Reporting ‎> Finance‬ > m-Fin PERSONNEL ROSTER AND DEPARTMENTAL BUDGET
Unless you have changed the default order of the reports, it is next after m-Fin POSITION BUDGET II.
If you only see 15 items in the Finance folder, don't forget about the paging controls in the upper right to advance further down.

Carl Sorenson

I see sometimes it is picking up budget that is not in the revenues, expenditures, and transfers range.  Unless I hear otherwise I am going to go ahead and remove this.

Carl Sorenson

Ok, this is fixed now.

Carl Sorenson

A few more thoughts about this new report:

While it does get all budget, it's built with position budgeting in mind.  If you run it for a department that doesn't do position budgeting then the formatting and layout of the report might seem peculiar.  For example, you might be thinking "there is a column label for job code but I don't see any job codes."

If you total all the amounts returned in the salary range of this report, you should get the bottom line budget total reported by m-Fin POSITION BUDGET (unless you changed its "from" period).  If you instead compare to m-Fin POSITION BUDGET II, that report excludes period zero (aka. project "rollforward") budget data, and so may not match for projects.


Anna Aguirre

Thank you for creating this report, it will help me tremendously. I did test it out today and it does not populate the Continuing FTE. When will the FTE be populated on the report? Thanks. 

Carl Sorenson

There is a checkbox for CONT FTE, on the first prompt page.  When it is selected the report has a CONT FTE column.  If you are seeing the column but it is all empty or zeros, then that means the budget journals were booked with no FTE on them.  I have tested the report for departments that do have CONT FTE booked, and it shows up in the report.

Anna Aguirre

Thank you Carl. That makes perfect sense. The speed types that I was reviewing did not have the CONT FTE booked via the budget journals.

Carl Sorenson

The report uses a CIW GL table that was not picking up all changes each refresh.  The fix for this is in production for tonight's run.

Carl Sorenson

An improved version of the report is available now in Cognos QA.  This new version is more accurate with respect to who is in each position.

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