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m-Fin is a set of CU management financial reports created in CU’s Cognos software. I use m-Fin Blog to communicate about the m-Fin reports.
Two m-Fin reports migrated to production over the weekend.
Two reports, one new and one improved, migrated to production over the weekend.
Boulder campus unrestricted net position is booked on fund 10 and 72 speedtype pairs.
We've changed m-Fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER so that it can show speedtypes that have nothing booked.
We've created a new report named m-Fin POSITION BUDGET II. It is an alternative to the older m-Fin POSITION BUDGET report.
We've greatly expanded the capabilities of the launch page for orgnodes.
Four improved reports migrate to production today.
Three reports have migrated to production. Two are new and one is improved.
We've improved m-Fin BAE BY MONTH - SUMMARY, refining the prompting and improving its internal workings.