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F&A encumbs with activity id's

Encumbrances for F&A have been incorrect when a project has multiple activity id's.  The data warehouse team and I are working on a fix.

F&A is "facilities and administration" which is sometimes known as ICR (indirect cost recovery).  F&A is a project thing, money contributed by the project to CU in general.

Encumbrances are a way of earmarking budget money needed for future obligations. 

For F&A, the CIW GL processing creates encumbrances.  This is unique to F&A encumbrances.  All other encumbrances are calculated by the respective source system from which the CIW extracts data (Finance and HCM).  F&A encumbs, however, are generated by the CIW GL processing itself, encumbering any remaining budget.  The calculation has not been properly handling the circumstance of when there is more than one activity id on a project.  I expect a fix for this to be in place in approximately one week (ie. by Mon Sep 18, 2017).  m-Fin reports run against the CIW GL data tables and so m-Fin will reflect this fix once it is in place.

Most projects have only one activity id, and so are not affected.

My thanks to Boulder Engineering's Linda Rose for brining this problem to our attention.


Maggie Kolicko

The project speedtype one liner for project 1555024 is not picking up the subspeedtype. The main ST is 13009986, the sub is 13010199.

Carl Sorenson

Maggie - Running m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY for this project id and paging down it looks like nothing has been booked yet on the sub.  Once it has some activity, it should show up in the m-Fin PROJECT SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER.

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