How are submissions judged?

Submissions are reviewed first by the CU I&E Program Manager, who will contact the submitter with any questions, and then by the selection committee (campus controllers/deputy controllers and University Controller), who will determine if the submissions meet program criteria. Those that do are posted on the CU I&E website.

At the end of the program submission period, the selection committee again reviews all posted submissions in order to identify a group of semi-finalists. The semi-finalists form the pool for award consideration.

How are awards determined?

Semi-finalists are notified after the submission period ends, and invited to three recognition activities as part of the awards determination process:

  • a short video interview (in-person or online);
  • a call-in question-and-answer period; and,
  • a demo table at the CU I&E Exposition & Awards Ceremony.

Awards are decided by a larger voting body comprised of the selection committee and the CU System Vice President & Chief of Staff, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Senior Associate Vice President of Business Operations & Deputy CFO, and Associate Vice President of Transformation and Innovation.

CU I&E Expo & Awards Ceremony 

Semi-finalists demo their innovations and answer audience questions at the CU I&E Expo. Award winners are announced at the conclusion of the event. All employees are invited to attend.