How are submissions judged?

Submissions are reviewed first by the CU I&E Program Manager, who will contact the submitter with any questions, and then by the selection committee (campus controllers/deputy controllers and University Controller), who will determine if the submissions meet program criteria. Those that do are posted on the CU I&E website.

At the end of the program submission period, the selection committee again reviews all posted submissions in order to identify a group of semi-finalists. The semi-finalists form the pool for award consideration.

How are cash awards determined?

Semi-finalists are notified after the submission period ends, and invited to participate in further recognition activities as part of the awards determination process. These include:

  • A video interview (in-person or online), and, 
  • A call-in question-and-answer period session with the voting body.

Awards are decided by a larger voting body, comprised of the selection committee and additional representatives from CU System Administration and the campuses.

How is the Controller's Choice Project determined?

As additional recognition, the  Office of University Controller (OUC) reviews all submitted projects for the program year to determine the Controller’s Choice Project:

  • The OUC identifies the top project where OUC resources could best help the submitter/team promote and share its accomplishments.
  • The OUC collaborates with the selected submitter/team to highlight the project in a medium that best suits team/project/department interests.
  • The result of this collaboration may be production of an additional motion graphic video, a new live video, a poster, or a PDF document for sharing on the department's website.