In this program year, up to five cash awards may be given (split among the submitting team members):

  • University Controller’s Award for Excellence – The Associate Vice President/University Controller reviews the posted submissions and, in conjunction with the voting committee, chooses a winner based on creativity, ingenuity, cost savings, and/or efficiency. The winner of this prize will receive a $1,500 cash award (subject to taxes and withholding).
  • CU Innovation & Efficiency Awards - Four additional cash prizes of $1,000 each (subject to taxes and withholding) are available to be awarded to other top submissions. 
  • Publication of a submission on the CU Innovation & Efficiency Awards website does not guarantee awarding of a cash prize. Not all available prizes may be awarded during any program period. Group members are responsible for determining the distribution of any cash prize their group may be awarded. 

NEW! As additional recognition, the  Office of University Controller (OUC) reviews all submitted projects for the program year to determine the Controller’s Choice Project:

  • The OUC selects one of the year’s submissions and collaborates with that team to highlight the project in a medium that best suits team/project interests.
  • The result may be production of an additional motion graphic video, a new live video, a poster, or a PDF document for sharing on the team's website.