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 Announcing Galloping COLTT: Exploring New Technologies Hosted by DU

May 11, 2018 | 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

University of Denver Galloping COLTT

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What is COLTT?
COLORADO LEARNING AND TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY.  COL TT engages participants in learning about teaching practices and technologies, challenging the way they think about both. By attending sessions and hands-on workshops, attendees are able to network and gather effective practices that change the way they teach and learn in classrooms, online, and in virtual environments.

2017 SESSION TOPICS INCLUDE:  Accessibility / Universal Design for Learning, Adaptive learning, Alternative Credentials, Artificial Intelligence, Changing Role of Faculty / Preparing Faculty to Teach Online,
Maker Culture, Mobile Technology and Devices for learning, DER (Open Educational  Resources), Course Design [including Problem-and Project­-Based Learning, Flipped/Inverted/Tilted Classroom)
Digital Professionalism / Cyberbullying, Education in a Post-Truth World,  Technology-Mediated Engagement (including High Impact Practices, Social Media for learning),  lnclusivity,  Learning and Predictive Analytics,

Who is COLTT?
Pie graph of COLTT attendee demographics. 50% Faculty, 40% Staff, 5% Students, 5% Sponsors.  Attendees join us each year from a broad range of educational institutions and private organizations. Many Colorado colIeges and universities are welI-represented, as are numerous post-secondary schools and community colleges from the Rocky Mountain region. We also host national and international attendees from a number of places each year. Renewal credit for educators is available where applicable, and upon request by attendees.

20 years of experience.
400+ attendees in 2017.
30+ institutions in 2017.

When is COLTT?
The 2018 COLTT conference will be helo on August 1 and 2.

Where is COLTT?
The 2018 COLTT conference will return to Boulder, CO.  Wolf Law Building, 2450, Kittredge Loop Drive, Boulder, CO 80305.

For more information, please visit us on the web  Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology.  University of Colorado, Office of the President.  1800 Grand Street, Suite 800, Denver, CO 80203.  coltt@cu.ecu


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