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Spotlight: Reducing Risk When Working Remotely

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Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Router

The most effective steps you can take to secure your wireless network at home is to change the default admin password, enable encryption and use a strong password for your wireless network.


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Email Security
Emailing Sensitive University Information
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Phishing Awareness Program
CU's Phishing Awareness Program 
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What is Ransomware?
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Gift Card Email
Gift Card Phishing Scam 
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Top 5 Policies & Standards to know

IT Security Program
Serves as the core for the university's information security activities and provides general guidance

Data Classification
Classifying or labeling university information helps determine minimum security requirements necessary to keep it safe

Data Governance
Ensures university data is managed as a material asset (also see Data Management Group Process)

Systemwide Security Baseline Standards
Provides guidelines for selecting and specifying security controls for organizations and information systems

Systemwide High Impact Security Standards
Security standards and requirements for protecting highly confidential information when processed, stored, or transmitted.