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Tip: Installing Mobile Apps

Only install mobile apps from trusted places, and always double-check the privacy settings to ensure you are not giving away too much information. Does that mobile app really need access to contacts or need to know your location at all times?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Webinar Recordings Now Available

Do Your Part. Be Cyber Smart.


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Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021 Articles

Week 1: Be Cyber Smart: Learn the Basic Terms
Being cyber smart is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from cybercriminals. Learn these terms and increase your cyber smart IQ.
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Own Your Role In Cybersecurity: Start With The Basics

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Week 2: Fight the Phish
Learn a few quick best practices and tips for dealing with phishing threats.
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Week 3: Why You Should Consider a Cybersecurity Career
Learn about the high demand and possible paths for a career in Cybersecurity 
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Week 4: Cybersecurity First
Cybersecurity Starts with You
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Top 5 Policies and Standards to Know

IT Security Program
Serves as the core for the university's information security activities and provides general guidance

Data Classification
Classifying or labeling university information helps determine minimum security requirements necessary to keep it safe

Data Governance
Ensures university data is managed as a material asset (also see Data Management Group Process)

Systemwide Security Baseline Standards
Provides guidelines for selecting and specifying security controls for organizations and information systems

Systemwide High Impact Security Standards
Security standards and requirements for protecting highly confidential information when processed, stored, or transmitted.

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