Are you looking for a budget entry or transaction that was recently processed?
The DPR-ERR-2107 Cognos error happens when you try to launch multiple instances of CU-Data in the same web browser.
Have you recently changed your network password?
Have you had issues with your scheduled financial reports? Have you stopped getting your monthly scheduled reports like you used to?
Don't have all of the org and orgnode codes that you use memorized? This feature is for you. We call it the cascading prompts button. You will find it right next to the ORG | ORGNODE prompt in the following m-Fin reports:
CU is now running Cognos 11.1.7 in production.
CU plans to upgrade to Cognos version 11.1.7 in the next few weeks. This version is available to you now for testing in CU-Data QA.
m-Fin reports currently down and unavailable.
Are you finding the name of the reports on the tile view annoying? You are not alone!
CU is now running Cognos 11.1 R5 in production. My thanks to UIS/IRM’s Lisa Damboise and her team for doing so much to ensure a smooth production upgrade. Thanks to OUC’s Finance team for testing and troubleshooting.