If all goes as planned CU will be running Cognos 11.0.11 in production the week of June 17, 2018. However, this version is currently available for you to test in CU-Data QA.
The CU-Data QA environment is now running in Cognos version 11.0.10.
The CU-Data QA environment, where testing occurs, looks a lot like production. So now we have configured m-Fin reports so that their first prompt page will be light yellow when in CU-Data QA.
m-Fin reports will no longer be available in the old CU reporting system
We are not able to exclude content from CU-Data's search results and this is hindering its usefulness.
The payroll encumbrance process did not complete normally this month. HCM is preparing to fix and re-run it on Friday, May 26.
Here is how to copy your old Cognos 10 "my folders" into the new CU-Data "my content."
On a prompt page? This is not a good time to select a different output format.
m-Fin EXPENDITURE TYPE SUMMARY throws an error when paging down through multi-page html output.
Some m-Fin prompts are displaying a spurious dropdown icon. Just ignore it.