We are a few days into CU-Data production upgrade and I briefly wanted to highlight a few differences in user interface between the version we were in (Cognos 11.0.6) versus the version we have upgraded to (Cognos 11.0.11).
CU-Data production is now running in Cognos 11.0.11.
If all goes as planned CU will be running Cognos 11.0.11 in production the week of June 17, 2018. However, this version is currently available for you to test in CU-Data QA.
The CU-Data QA environment is now running in Cognos version 11.0.10.
The CU-Data QA environment, where testing occurs, looks a lot like production. So now we have configured m-Fin reports so that their first prompt page will be light yellow when in CU-Data QA.
m-Fin reports will no longer be available in the old CU reporting system
We are not able to exclude content from CU-Data's search results and this is hindering its usefulness.
The payroll encumbrance process did not complete normally this month. HCM is preparing to fix and re-run it on Friday, May 26.
Here is how to copy your old Cognos 10 "my folders" into the new CU-Data "my content."
On a prompt page? This is not a good time to select a different output format.