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Moving My Content to the upgraded CU-Data

As noted in our earlier post, when CU-Data upgrades this December 9th, your current ‘My Content’ will not automatically carry over to the upgraded environment. If you have a lot of work invested in your current ‘My Content’, you’ll want to move it from your ‘My Content’ into ‘Team Content’.

If you are not making use of your ‘My Content’ in the current environment or if your content there is minimal and you are able to recreate it quickly in the upgraded environment, you can simply ignore this post. 

What will this process look like?

  • In the current environment, you’ll copy your content from ‘My Content’ into your specialized EID folder in ‘Team Content’.
  • UIS/IRM will then migrate your EID folder to a corresponding location in the upgraded environment.
  • When your content is available in upgraded environment, you’ll move your EID folder into your ‘My Content'.

Here are the detailed procedures:

Take Note! If you move your content into your Employee ID folder before December 5th when the FINCLOSE trigger runs, please make sure to look for your scheduled reports in your specific Employee ID folder in Team Content. These reports will be moved along with your other content.

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