m-Fin BAE BY MONTH - SUMMARY's JUN column was not including 996 and 997 transactions. This is fixed now in Cognos QA and will be in production shortly.
Does m-Fin still say your speedtype is inactive when you know it was activated recently? You may want to advance the effective date.
The new versions of m-Fin PAYROLL TRANSACTIONS and m-Fin COMPENSATION SUMMARY have migrated to production.
New versions of m-Fin COMPENSATION SUMMARY and m-Fin PAYROLL TRANSACTIONS support periods 996 and 997.
Nine m-Fin reports are migrating to production today.
The four m-Fin reports that use CU Foundation balances are not showing these balances for accounting period 996.
m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY has been changed to default to accounting period 996 for this week and next, same as most other m-Fin reports.
Occasionally m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL takes 3 or 4 minutes when it should take only 15 seconds.