m-Fin EXPENDITURE TYPE SUMMARY throws an error when paging down through multi-page html output.
Some m-Fin prompts are displaying a spurious dropdown icon. Just ignore it.
CU-Data's Cognos 11 software supports four major web browsers, but not Microsoft Edge.
CU-Data is live as the official production m-Fin system today, Monday May 1, 2017. CU-Data is Cognos 11. Cognos 10 will remain available for a few months.
There is a problem with the links from the CU Portal to the Cognos 11 system.
There is a payroll encumbrance data issue.
Earlier this morning the data warehouse, and therefore m-Fin, had duplicate September payroll detail lines. This problem is fixed now.
OUC is working with the campus controllers to resolve a data problem with projects that have multiple activity ID's.
We are having trouble with the performance of m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL today, and are troubleshooting.
m-Fin now accepts project id's that were set up before CU's current specification for id's.