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My folders -> My content

Here is how to copy your old Cognos 10 "my folders" into the new CU-Data "my content."

If you were not making use of my folders in Cognos 10, or if your content there was minimal and you are able to recreate it quickly in CU-Data, then you can ignore this post.  This is just for users who have a lot of work invested in their Cognos 10 my folders, and so doing a bit of work to get the content moved over to the new system is worth the effort.

In a nutshell the procedure is:

  1. In Cognos 10, copy my folders content into a special public folder
  2. Then UIS migrates your special folder to a corresponding location in the new system
  3. Then in the new system, you copy the special folder into my content

CU-SIS reports aren’t live in CU-Data yet.  This procedure is just for your financial reporting content (e.g. report views based on m-Fin reports).

Here are the detailed instructions:  Copying 'My Folders' Content to CU-Data.