On March 14, the CU-Data reporting system will be upgraded to Cognos 12.0.1, introducing an enhanced User Interface (UI) featuring streamlined navigation and additional new functionalities.
We have added the PROJ START DATE column to the m-Fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER report.
We have made the following updates to the m-Fin PERSONNEL ROSTER AND DEPARTMENTAL BUDGET report.
We have made a few enhancements to the m-Fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER report.
We have added Project Principal ID to the following m-Fin reports:
The Liabilities column in the m-Fin award report was not populating as applicable.
Are you looking for a budget entry or transaction that was recently processed?
The DPR-ERR-2107 Cognos error happens when you try to launch multiple instances of CU-Data in the same web browser.
We have added monthly percent columns to the last two pages of the report.
We have fixed an issue with m-fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER