Coming in July, 2016: accounting periods 996 and 997.
Payroll encumbrances did not process correctly last night, so the payroll encumbrances in m-Fin reports today still reflect the old balances that have not been relieved.
For pay generated prior to the PeopleSoft Elevate upgrade, some pay detail is missing.
FY 2016 6 -- DEC closed over the weekend. To review this data in m-Fin reports, set the ACCOUNTING PERIOD prompt to 6 -- DEC.
I have been informed that 000100 cash is not yet maintained automatically in the new PeopleSoft Finance 9.2.
m-Fin reports sometimes run, but often do not, instead just stuck spinning. I am working with the appropriate people to get this resolved.
Some payroll encumbrances are overstated. For available balance calculations that use encumbrances this can cause the available balance to report incorrectly as in the red.
XQE-DAT-0001 Cognos error message happens when CIW GL tables are down being loaded with data.
m-Fin reports are up and available now.
Cognos m-Fin reports are still offline today.