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Pay Detail Problem

For pay generated prior to the PeopleSoft Elevate upgrade, some pay detail is missing.  This does not mean that paychecks are wrong.  This is a problem with the accounting for pay that has happened in the past.  Pay at an aggregate level is ok.  By this I mean reports that show the sum of salary and the sum of benefits paid from a speedtype or FOPPS are ok.  But when examining the pay for an individual, some lines are missing.  An additional line for each FOPPS is generated to account for the discrepancy.  In m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL this line has a description of simply PAYROLL TRANSACTIONS.  This is why reporting totals for salaries and benefits at the speedtype/FOPPS level is ok - the generated line shores up the discrepancy.

Work is underway to analyze the problem, and likely will result in re-converting the historical payroll detail into the new PeopleSoft 9.2 data structure and chart of account codes.


Michael Pruit

There are PET journal rows from the old PAYROLL_DETAIL_CU record in 8.4 that were not converted to the new CU_HR_ACCTG_LN table in 9.2. I have identified the issue and have been able to load the rows identified in the example provided by Carl in FINDEV. I am currently testing out loading all the missing rows. Once this is complete and has been verified, we will need to migrate this SQL forward and run it in FINPRD. As Carl stated above, the FOPPS data is correct because the HR_ACCTG_LINE table was loaded correctly at conversion. The employee level detail is stored on the CU_HR_ACCTG_LN table and that is where the issue is. Please let me know if there are any questions.

Carl Sorenson

Last night, payroll detail data was fixed for FY2016 periods one through five.  During the next few weeks additional prior fiscal years will get reprocessed, going all the way back to FY2000.

Carl Sorenson

All of the payroll detail for prior fiscal years has been processed now.

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