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Effective date

Does m-Fin say your speedtype is inactive when you know it was activated recently? You may want to advance the effective date. For a few weeks into July, the default m-Fin effective date remains held at 30-Jun. But it's just a default. You can change it. Use the show options button in the lower right corner of the first prompt page. Set the prompt to the current date and try your run again.

The effective date controls attributes, not journals

Attributes are values that remain in effect until further notice. Examples are the status of a speedtype, the description of a speedtype, and the structure of the account roll-up tree (the tree levels are attributes of the account code). Most of the time it's appropriate to run for the current date but for fiscal year-end, it's best to use 30-Jun, the last day of the fiscal year.  m-Fin considers it to be fiscal year-end season until the third close is complete. Then it will resume defaulting effective date to more current date.

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