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CU-Data User Interface

We are a few days into CU-Data production upgrade and I briefly wanted to highlight a few differences in user interface between the version we were in versus the version we have upgraded to.

The main difference between the two versions is the new live tile welcome screen instead of the mountain background. Any recently used reports will be available to the users for a re-run with just a click of a button rather than having to navigate your way through the Team Content. Please see the screenshots below for reference:

Cognos 11.0.11 now has a “Home” icon on the top left corner of the Navigation Bar. This icon allows you to quickly return to the main home page of CU-Data without having to click on the down arrow and then on the Welcome tab on the application bar in gold.

Lastly, Cognos 11.0.11 no longer has the switch Views button to expand the navigation window. To make the window wider, position the mouse over the window line to the right edge of the navigation window. When the mouse pointer becomes a double arrow as shown below; click, hold and drag the mouse to increase or decrease the window width.

Besides these changes, the rest of CU-Data should look fairly the same. As mentioned before, this upgrade will not impact any of the m-Fin reports. We expect that you will be able to continue using m-Fin reports the same way as you did previously.

As you are in there running reports in the new CU-Data, please let us know if you experience any issues, or have any questions or concerns.


Kathy Illian

Hi Sarju,
I cannot see correct CU Foundation balances on my reports (Trial Balance, OPerating summary). Can you check -63402615 has a CUF balance of $62,222.39 but shows zero in Cognos and CIW. I checked accounting periods 997, 996, 12, and 11.

Sarju Khadka

Hi Kathy –
The CU Foundation balance on that speedtype is $0.00 in PeopleSoft finance, and is correctly reflected on m-Fin reports and CIW. The foundation fund code related to that speedtype is inactive, it was inactivated on July 17th, 2017. I would suggest contacting Foundation to get more information about this. Thank you! - Sarju

Kathy Illian

Thanks Sarju- my Chairman had just received a report from CU Foundation with a $62K balance- I will definitely speak with the foundation!

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