New versions of TRIAL BALANCE TOTAL and two AWARD reports have migrated to production.
When your project has multiple subclass or activity id's, sometimes you don't want each speedtype on it's own page.
Payroll encumbrances did not process correctly last night, so the payroll encumbrances in m-Fin reports today still reflect the old balances that have not been relieved.
m-Fin AWARD now features bullet charts, single award code mode, budget bal, and more drills.
m-Fin COMPENSATION SUMMARY and m-Fin PAYROLL TRANSACTIONS have been set to report expenditures only. Please let us know if this is a welcome change.
m-Fin is changing to get PROJECT AWARD START\END dates from the award instead of the proposal.
m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY has had some work done.
We are fixing m-Fin PROJECT FINANCIAL STATUS so that when run for an org code it does not pick up projects that once were, but are no longer, associated with the org.
m-Fin RECEIVABLES ACTIVITY is being fixed to exclude source code GM transactions.
Page sort fixes. Faster award report.