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m-Fin AWARD Improvements

m-Fin AWARD now features bullet charts, single award code mode, budget bal, and more drills.

Bullet charts

These charts show a line for actuals and a mark for budget, providing a visual indication of how close each project is to budget.  As with many charts in m-Fin, these can be toggled on or off.

Single award code mode

This is like the single speedtype mode we have in some other reports, but done here for award codes.  While it is useful that this report can run for more than one award code (for when one award actually has been implemented as two separate award codes), most often the report is being run for a single code, and moreover you are using copy/paste to enter the code.  When this is the case, you can use ctrl-v to paste the code into SINGLE REF AWARD CODE and then hit the enter key.  For additional runs use the prompt that appears in the upper right hand corner of the HTML output.

Budget bal

Previously this report did not have a "balance available before encumbrances" column.  Now it does, in both the project one-liner section and the expenditure types section.  The column is titled simply BUDGET BAL.

More drills

Drills have been added to the current period columns, and to revenues, liabilities, and cash.   Typically there is not a great deal of data behind these amounts, so we made the drills go straight to detail.

Unless problems are found, expect this new version of the report to migrate to production in the next few days.  My thanks to Boulder's Nadiya Vovk for her valuable feedback on this report.


Carl Sorenson

Barb Hayes from UCD/Anchutz pointed out that this report does not provided a way to filter by fund, which is important if there is cost-share.  So today we have added a multi-select FUND prompt.  It is optional so if it is not something you need you can ignore it.  This is still in Cognos QA for a little while longer since this needs additional testing.

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