When a billing or revenue limit is displayed in italics it means that the limit is shared.
For sponsored projects, m-Fin now will show either the revenue limit or the billing limit, instead of showing both.
We have made an improvemnt to m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE TOTAL. When it is redundant, we now suppress the page that sums all funds together.
We have added the proposal id, contract, and contract line number, to m-Fin AWARD.
Radio buttons gone? Firefox user? Here is an easy work-around.
Our current version of the CU-Data software, Cognos 11.0.6, allows users to make either copies or report views of m-Fin reports. You should make report views, not copies. Here is why.
For some runs by employee, m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY was reporting inflated dollars. This is fixed now.
A few totals have been missing from the total lines in m-Fin PROJECT ONE-LINER and m-Fin PROJECT SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER.
Recently we added BILL TYPE to several of our reports project headers. Now we are adding a description for these cryptic 3-character codes. While we were at it we also added the project proposal id, a request from Boulder SPA.