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Detail II mini header

m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL II gets a tiny header (when paging by speedtype).

About a year ago we introduced m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL II.  It's an alternative detail report with functionality based on feedback from users of the original detail report.

Now we are adding a header to the report, that displays when the report is set to page by speedtype.  The header is much simpler than headers in other reports, showing only the name of the principal, and for projects, the sponsor and the project start\end dates.

To make this report page by speedtype, set one of the PAGE BY prompts (on the third page of prompting, available via the next  button) to SPEEDTYPE.  This is available for testing now in CU-Data QA. [23-Oct-2017 migrated to production]


Carl Sorenson

We also added, in the dataset output only, columns for the orgtree levels.

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