Two more reports ready for FINCLOSE scheduled runs

We are modifying m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY and m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL so that they accommodate our recommended procedure for FINCLOSE scheduled runs.

FINCLOSE is a trigger that we fire upon each financial close.  You can create report views and schedule them to run whenever the trigger fires (see:  Schedule reports to run on financial close).

Our recommended procedure is to clear the FISCAL YEAR, ACCOUNTING PERIOD, and EFFECTIVE DATE prompts.  We have modified these two reports to accept this (i.e. the prompts are no longer required).  We have made these changes available for testing in the CU-Data QA system:


If no problems are found in testing these reports can migrate to production this weekend (Oct 7, 2017).  [09-Oct-2017 migrated to production]



Hi I couldn't get the m-fin Financial Detail to work without an accounting period
I was using m-fin Financial Detail with a Bnode of B0222 and no using the dashed lines for the FY and Accounting Period
Please advise

Carl Sorenson

Irene - The m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL still requires the from accounting period, but should allow you to clear both of the fiscal year ​prompts and the to accounting period.  If you want to run with the from ​accounting period cleared as well please consider m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL II.
Also, if you were trying m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL in production, this work has not arrived in production yet.

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