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Payroll Expense Transfers

There are two new developments in m-Fin to help with PET's (payroll expense transfers).  These are available for you to test now in Cognos QA [01-APR-2016 migrated to production]:

  1. The EXTRAS prompt in m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL provides an option for new columns PET OPER ID, PET DATE, and PET SEQ NUM.  The EXTRAS prompt is on the second prompt page - use the next button to get to it.
  2. m-Fin PET provides a way to inspect an individual PET.  It prompts for PET OPER ID, PET DATE and PET SEQ NUM.  This is a new report.

Since this is m-Fin, the PET's in these reports are PET's that have been booked in the finance system.  These reports are not a way to review PET's that are being prepared and are not yet posted.


Kathy Loudermilk

Love the solution for tracking backwards from the mFin reports to the original PET.  One hick-up:  when I pulled BRAD001133-20160204-24, I noticed the pay-roll period didn't match.  Pay period on the PET Summary was 12/31/15, but the date under Invoice date was 2/4/16  Thought this cell was to either do an Invoice date OR the Pay Period End Date.???  Did I miss something?  Thanks for your hard work.

Carl Sorenson

Kathy - Thanks for this feedback.  We've been hearing from PET users since go-live with PeopleSoft 9.2 that the PAY PERIOD END DATE (aka. PAY END DT) is not correct.  I will provide your example to the people working on this problem.

Cat Latzer

I think this is the same problem I am having.  When another dept does a PET that affects a ST in my dept I cannot tell which pay periods they are moving, even with the new reports.  The pay period end date for all the movement on a PET I am investigating is 2/4/2016 and I am sure this other dept is moving more than one monthly salaried pay period.  I'm sorry I can't identify the PET # as Kathy did above because that # also does not show.  All I have is the roll up PET # from Cal Anderson that involves more than one PET across many depts.  Thanks for your help on this, as you can see I am flying blind without this data and cannot investigate PET's that I don't initiate. cat.

Stefanie Furman

Hi Carl! I think this will be very helpful.  I think it would be good if we could have both sides of the transaction on the report - right now it looks like it is only showing the "To" or debit side of the transactions.

Carl Sorenson

Stephanie - I think the problem is that the new PET identifiers are not fully populated.  I have an inquiry into the PeopleSoft developers about this.

Carl Sorenson

It is my understanding that these two data isues have been cleaned up now (1. PET identifiers are fully populated now, and 2. pay period end dates have been corrected).

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