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Changes To All m-Fin Reports For PeopleSoft 9.2

All m-Fin reports are getting converted in order to accommodate the new structure for CU's financial data with PeopleSoft 9.2.  You can test and compare to production m-Fin for a few days.  These reports will become the production reports on Thursday 10 Dec 2015.

We are not done converting all of the reports but what we do have done is available in Cognos QA.  For projects you will notice some attributes displayed in headers have changed.  You may compare to production m-Fin runs until end of business day Monday 07 Dec 2015.

Important:  The underlying database for the test m-Fin reports in Cognos QA is the CIW QA database.  This database is populated only for Fiscal Year 2015 through accounting period 6.  Please do not run the test reports for FY 2016 periods and become alarmed about missing data.  To test, run for FY2015 period 6 -- DEC, or a lower period number.

Known issues:

  • Most projects will be missing their attributes (eg. sponsor id, project accountant assignment).  The conversion process that assigns project attributes has not been run for all projects in the test database.  It will be run for all projects for production go-live next week.
  • Some projects have a repeating value for letter of credit document id.  We will work to eliminate this undesirable duplication.
  • For account codes 402060 and 402065 dollars are duplicated.  Work is underway to fix this problem.  For FOPPS That have actuals booked in these accounts, the dollars are overstated.

Intentional differences:

  • AR TYPE is not used the same way in 9.2 and is optional.  So we don't display it as consistently in m-Fin project headers.  Where we do, it is now labeled PROJ CF AR TYPE, to indicate it is now considered a PeopleSoft chartfield element.  Where we had prompts for AR TYPE we now have prompts for PROJECT TYPE (clinical trial, program income, and other).
  • Some report layouts have been adjusted in light of the new data elements.  This includes the layout of the MSExcel 2007 data output of m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL.
  • There are fewer payroll account codes.
  • There are new funds for project cost sharing (eg. fund 12).
  • Projects have a new data element ACTIVITY ID.  For now, expect to see simply the value 1 for this element.


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Jeanie Balch

In the Q & A test environment, Financial detail reports are not showing any detail for Aug to Nov FY2016.  I tried this for both Fund 30 and Fund 10. Should I have seen data?  Thanks!

Carl Sorenson

Jeanie - There is hardly anything in the test database for FY2016.  Please run for FY2015 period 6 or less.

Carla Ho-a

It looks like m-Fin reports are no longer in the portal and QA is still just test. Will we be able to run any reports between now and 12/10 for FY 2016 through November?  

Carl Sorenson

Carla - m-Fin production is out of service until tomorrow morning, when it will be up with the all new reports.  See

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