A place to test

This link will take you to Cognos QA —> Cognos QA.

If you are running Cognos production in other windows you may need to close them.

If you have an older link saved that goes to “mod2″, please use the above link instead. The mod2 address no longer works and instead results in a confusing and useless message about opening, saving, or downloading.

Cognos QA is the Quality Assurance instance of CU’s Cognos software. This is where we test and make the go/no-go decision for migration to Cognos production. If you have access to the production Finance folder you also have access to the QA Finance folder and can test drive new Cognos reports there.

Select your campus directory

Cognos QA Log on page

Cognos Logon Screen

The directory prompt tells the login process where it should try your ID and password. If you make an attempt with the wrong directory you may need to use your web browser’s back button to return to the Log on page.

DPR-ERR-2107 The User Capabilities Cache cookie cannot be decoded.

You may encounter the DPR-ERR-2107 error message if you attempt Cognos QA while running Cognos production in another window. Close your Cognos windows and try again, or if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer another option is to use New Session under the File menu.

Let us know your test results

When we have new content that is ready for testing I post an invitation to test. Take ten minutes, come on into Cognos QA, and give the new report a try. Then leave a comment on the blog post.