m-Fin's available balance calculation is changing to be all budget based for fund 35.
We have two new one-liners ready for you to try.
We've improved the m-Fin BUDGET TO ACTUAL report, refining the prompting and improving its internal workings.
We've improved the m-Fin balance sheet reports, refining the prompting and improving the internal workings of the reports.
For Denver/Anschutz and Colorado Springs, fund 11 is getting a new available balance calculation.
m-Fin PROJECT ACTUALS DETAIL lists all expenditure and transfer transactions for a project or an award code.
We've refurbished m-Fin EXPENDITURE TYPE, updating the prompting and adding descriptions to some of the codes in the output.
JOURNAL ENTRIES is a new report to replace the old Journal Entry searching report.
We've improved the m-Fin trial balance reports, making changes corresponding to what we've done recently in the m-Fin revenue-and-expenditure reports.
We've fixed m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL so that it runs for all selected funds.