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m-Fin PROJECT ACTUALS DETAIL lists all expenditure and transfer transactions for a project or an award code.  It has an optional journal date prompt that you can use to specify a date range.  This is different from m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL which instead uses fiscal year and accounting period.

m-Fin PROJECT ACTUALS DETAIL is available for testing in Cognos QA.  [26 May 2015 migrated to production.]



We've had a request to order the columns of the output more similarly to m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL.  Please respond to this blog post if you don't like this idea, else we'll proceed with it.

Carl Sorenson

There is a new version of the report now in Cognos QA that has the desired column order.  It also provides an optional second page of prompting for acct code filtering that is similar to the way this works in m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL.

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