Do you like m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY? Want something like it that is specifically for projects? Try m-Fin PROJECT FINANCIAL STATUS.
If you run m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY for just a few speedtypes try m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY BY SPEEDTYPE, available now in Cognos QA.
This computation appears at the bottom of the report, providing an amount that the total payments received ordinarily should match.
If you would like a report that sums into fiscal year columns, please test m-Fin ACTUALS BY FISCAL YEAR available in Cognos QA now.
Do you review the finances for a high number of projects, more than you can keep track of in your head?
m-Fin COMPENSATION SUMMARY and m-Fin PAYROLL TRANSACTIONS have been changed to compute benefits rate both with and without INC and LEG. INC and LEG are payroll earnings type codes. INC is INCENTIVE PAY. LEG is MED – LEGAL pay.
We have made some improvements to subtotaling in the following reports in Cognos QA.
In Cognos QA, the following reports now have the improved input validation.
If you use m-Fin BUDGET TO ACTUAL for org | orgnode runs, please test the version that is available now in Cognos QA.
The following changes have been made to m-Fin PAYROLL ACCOUNTING PERIOD in Cognos QA: