The new versions of m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY and m-Fin FISCAL ROLES have migrated to production.
We have put the improved input validation into the following reports and they are ready to test in Cognos QA. [19-Jun-2013 migrated to production.]
PGM CODE and PROJ ID have been added to the m-Fin FISCAL ROLES SPEEDTYPE FISCAL STAFF report.
Two more data elements have been added to the EXTRAS prompt in m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY: PROJ ID and PROJ SPONSOR AWARD CODE.
We’ve started taking advantage of a new way to validate values entered into Cognos text box prompts.
Three new m-Fin reports have arrived in Cognos QA this week.
Recently the available balance calculation for m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY was changed for fund 34 and fund 35.
Now m-Fin ORG TREE LIST has an EXTRAS prompt for adding Fiscal Principal and Officer columns to the report.
Responsible for maintaining fiscal role assignments? Try m-Fin FISCAL ROLES.
We’ve made the following improvements to m-Fin POSITION BUDGET.