Fund 34 and 35 Available Balance

Recently the available balance calculation for m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY was changed for fund 34 and fund 35. Now corresponding changes have been made to m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY and m-Fin BAE BY MONTH – SUMMARY. Once these two pass testing we’ll move all three of these reports to production together. The fund 34 change is to filter out account 012701 — AR-CU FOUNDATION since we already count CU Foundation money in the CUF amount. The Fund 35 change is to calculate an available balance instead of simply reporting $0. The calculation is assets-and-liabilities based if the project id is 2350000-2369999, else budget based.



m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY and m-Fin BAE BY MONTH – SUMMARY are available for you to test now in Cognos QA [Migrated to production 25 Feb 2013]. To test, simply run them as you normally do and confirm that the results are the same as you get in production, except for fund 35 or when there is an account 012701 — AR-CU FOUNDATION.

The microscope on this blog post is a symbol of scrutiny – the testing of these reports.

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