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One-liners are reports with one line per speedtype or project.  They are handy when you have a lot of speedtypes or projects to review or when you have a set of speedtypes or projects that need to be considered together as a group.  We have two new one-liners ready for you to try:

  1. Project Reports > m-Fin PROJECT SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER

Use m-Fin PROJECT SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER when you are solely focused on projects.  It offers project-specific options such as filtering by project end date and displaying project AR type (accounts receivable type).

Use m-Fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER when you are interested in all funds.  It is like m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY but is less strictly focused on available balance.  m-Fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER always will show the budget amount if you ask it to, for example, whereas m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY reveals the budget amount only if the speedtype's available balance is budget based.

Many extras

Both of these reports have many options in the EXTRAS prompt, allowing you quite a bit of control over which columns will appear.  While this is nice for the increased flexibility it provides, it does confront you with quite a few EXTRAS options to pick from.  You'll need to spend a few minutes getting oriented.

Subtotal groups

Both of these reports have optional prompts that provide for up to four levels of subtotaling.  Want the speedtypes subtotaled by fund within each org?  Set group A to org and group B to fund.  Want a simple list instead, uncluttered by subtotaling headers and footers?  Leave all four of these prompts unused.

  The subtotal groups, set for funds within orgs.

You'll find the subtotal prompts on the second page of prompting, available via the Next button.

Other m-Fin one-liners

The other one-liners already available in m-Fin differ from these new reports in the following ways:

  • m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY - More focused on the available balance calculation (so much so that I've often thought we should have named this report m-Fin AVAILABLE BALANCE).
  • m-Fin BUDGET TO ACTUAL - Separate rows for revenues, expenditures, and transfers.  So a speedtype might have up to three lines in this report.  Does not provide any balance sheet data (i.e. assets and liabilities).
  • m-Fin ACCOUNTING  SUMMARY - Shows the effects of re-orgs and shows cash roll-ups.  No budget data.  Meant for for seeing how current fiscal year activity contributes to the current assets and liabilities.
  • m-Fin ACCOUNTING SUMMARY FUND 34 - Purely focused on fund 34 gift.
  • Project Reports > m-Fin PROJECT ONE-LINER - Combines multi-speedtype (multi-subclass) projects into one line.
  • Project Reports > m-Fin PROJECT SPENDING TRENDS - Inspects the last seven months of activity to determine if a pattern of accelerated spending is taking shape that looks like it might go over budget.  Can run for all projects associated with a particular project accountant.

If these other reports were never quite what you were looking for in a one-liner then please come on into Cognos QA and give our two new reports a test drive.  [These reports migrated to production in April 2015.]



m-Fin PROJECT ONE-LINER used to let me select multiple PI, now I can't. is it something you could change back, how it was before? Thanks

Carl Sorenson

m-Fin PROJECT ONE-LINER has been single-select on PI name since it was first introduced in Aug 2014.  The only m-Fin report I recall that multi-selects by person is m-Fin COMPENSATION SUMMARY.


Interesting. I'll have to run it a few more times, but I think this could be helpful.
I'd like to see more reports that have the sort option, "none". This would combine all the programs / speedtypes information together which at times is what I am looking for.

Carl Sorenson

Kathryn - The sub-totaling in the one-liners does this kind of combining.  If there are so many speedtypes that even a one line per speedtype presentation is too voluminous then maybe try out some of the m-Fin reports that have TOTAL in their names.  Also m-Fin ACCOUNT NUMBER is worth a look if you are not needing budgets or encumbrances.  It is more detailed rather than less, but is another report meant for considering sets of speedtypes together.

Carl Sorenson

During our own testing we found that a few of the EXTRAS in m-Fin PROJECT SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER would also be nice to have in the simpler m-Fin PROJECT ONE-LINER.  So we just went ahead and added those and this slightly enhanced version of m-Fin PROJECT ONE-LINER will migrate along with these new reports.


I love the new "speedtype one-liner".  It allows me to see all of my auxiliary cash balances as well as the net asset balances by node and fund type.There are a lot of options to this report that makes it very customizable.


Why are there speed types on the One Line report that do not appear on the speedtype summary report? I selected Active and Inactive for both reports. Should the same STs appear?  Also, adding the status of Active/Inactive to the One-Liner report would be helpful. The ST Summary report shows the status.

Carl Sorenson

Christine - I am not sure but I suspect it has something to do with inactive speedtypes that have nothing booked in the current FY.  m-Fin SPEEDTYPE ONE-LINER might be showing some of them now, and the next version definitely will show all of them, whereas m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY only shows inactive speedtypes that have something booked in the current FY (a feature that for a brief while was true for all of m-Fin, but now only remains in m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY: ).

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