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Refurbished Trial Balance Reports

We've improved the m-Fin trial balance reports, making changes corresponding to what we've done recently in the m-Fin revenue-and-expenditure reports, including:

We believe this change also fixes the XQE-CM-0004 problem, an intermittent abend that was happening on drills.

These reports are ready for you to test in Cognos QA.  [26-Jan-2015 Migrated to production.]  Some of you never run trial balances.  Those of you that do, however, you run them a lot.  Are you in this second group?  Give the new reports a test drive before they arrive in production:


Trial balance

This is just a general note about terminology.  In traditional accounting a trial balance report is inspected to determine if total debit matches total credit to help in deciding if any adjusting entries are necessary prior to refreshing the current balances recorded in the accounting system.  This is the sense behind the word "trial" in the name.  For actuals, the debits and the credits match if they total to zero.  At CU these reports can be thought of simply as a balance sheet and a revenue-and-expenditure summary displayed together, and often they are used for financial review beyond this fundamental accounting concern.


Kathy Illian

Wish list: Add Actuals for AR type 5 speedtypes to speedtype summary...:)

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