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New prompt page added to m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL II report

We have added a new prompt page on the m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL II report. This new version of the report is available to you now for testing in the QA environment. [now in production]

The fourth prompt page has the following optional prompts:

  • JB CODE —JB DESC (STATUS) – This prompt allows you to render the report for a specific job code. Like any other select-and-search prompt, you can render the report using a single code or multiple codes at once.

  • EPC – This prompt is auto-populated with Expense Purpose Codes based on your selection from other prompts. You can use this prompt to further narrow down data by selecting one or more EPCs.

As this fourth page of prompts is optional, you can render the report from an earlier prompt page by simply clicking the ‘Finish’ button, instead of clicking the ‘Next’ button.

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