All three reports below get UNP designation code and description as an optional EXTRAS choice.
We have added FROM accounting period prompt to the m-Fin BUDGET TO ACTUAL report.
We have added Fund 33, Other Contractual Services, as an option to the FUND prompt on the m-Fin PROJECTS DIRECT AND INDIRECT COST report.
Do you review your monthly actuals and compare them against your budget? Do you forecast budget for the upcoming fiscal year based off of your performance from the prior fiscal year?
UIS/IRM is still working on resolving the issue that caused the FINCLOSE trigger to fail for month-end close in December.
We have a new report for you to test, m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE TOTAL FOR MONTH.
Problem: You are in CU-Data homepage. You click on a report under your recent menu intending to run that report. But nothing happens, as if the report is broken.
To support validating the PeopleSoft FIN update, aka PUM update, happening on December 7th, IRM has refreshed CIWQA database for periods 0 through 4 for fiscal year 2019. This database is populated from FINSTG where the PUM update is applied for testing purpose.
Here is the final batch of m-Fin reports to migrate to production this weekend. All the m-Fin reports are now set to open the drills in a new window.
BUDGET SPENT PCNT, BUDGET BAL BEFORE ENCUMBS PCNT, and BUDGET BAL AFTER ENCUMBS PCNT columns were not calculating correctly and were reporting wrong percentages.